WHEN IS YOUR NEXT GOLDENDOODLE LITTER?   In general, we breed about 2 litters per year, the timing 
of which is up to Mother Nature.  Feel free to contact us at  to inquire as to our current plans, 
in addition, you can ask to be added to our no obligation notification list (see below). We typically have a waitlist.
DO YOU KEEP A NOTIFICATION LIST?   Yes!  We keep a no obligation notification list. If you are interested in our next litter, 
or a future litter, we will keep your name on file and notify you by email once the Mom has been bred as long as there are spots still available.  At that time you can: 
1) send in your puppy application with the application fee, 2) drop off the list,
or 3) chose to stay on the list for a future litter (we recommend you re-apply once a year to remain current).
To be placed on the notification list,  and send an email to let us know you wish to be added. 
That's all there is to it.  We'll be in touch when we have news about the next litter with availability.
 IS OUR APPLICATION FEE REFUNDABLE?  No. Application fees are non-refundable, so we recommend that you do not send in a puppy application and application fee if you are not committed to waiting for a Zippity Doodles puppy. Submitting your application and application fee is your commitment that you are certain you want to adopt one of our puppies, and we make plans based on that information. Keep in mind that there may be an extended wait for a puppy, sometimes a year or more (but generally less, especially if you are flexible)! If you are not sure about making that commitment, we invite you to sign up for our no obligation notification list that does not require an application fee.

The Goldendoodle Association of North America has set the following guidelines for Goldendoodle sizes. *It's important to note that the adult height of the Goldendoodle is what determines the "size". Breeders must make an educated guess when they are puppies as to what that final size will be based on the parents and known ancestors sizes. So a puppy's final height/weight can vary from the breeder's initial estimate. Keep in mind that these heights are taken at the top of the shoulder, not the head!!
From www.GoldendoodleAssociation.com: 
Petite range - Height: below 14 inches, typically 25 lbs. or less
Miniature range - Height: over 14 but under 17 inches (35 cm to 42 cm) at wither, typically 26-35 lbs.
Medium range - Height: over 17 but under 21 inches (43 cm to 52 cm) at wither, typically 36-50 lbs.
Standard range - Height: over 21 inches (53 cm to 63 cm) at wither, typically 51 or more lbs.
It is also important to consider that a Goldendoodle is typically thinner than a Golden Retriever, and long hair can add the appearance of girth. Therefore a 40 lb. Goldendoodle may be taller than an average Golden Retriever (depending on how stocky they are), but in our experience, a 35-45 lb. Goldendoodle generally appears about the same size as a Golden Retriever.

DO YOU ALLOW VISITORS? We keep a strict visitation policy due to security, time constraints, and in order to protect the health of our dogs, especially the pups and the pregnant Moms. It is amazing how easily disease is transmitted on shoes, hands and clothing (and even more amazing how long germs stay on those items).  Many breeders lose whole litters because someone comes to visit after coming in contact germs left by sick dogs, or after visiting another breeder. Mom can be nervous about visitors too (and/or protective of her pups), and that stress can affect the puppies. We know that those with a vested interest (the new owners) will be conscious of the dangers and protective of the pups if they are aware of the dangers, so once the pups are 5-6 weeks old we allow a puppy visit and this is when you help chose your pup.  You can bring your kids for the 5-6 week old visit if you like - some parents prefer to wait, others bring them (it can be hard to pick out a pup and monitor children too). Note that children are not allowed to handle any puppies except your selected puppy, and then, only while setting on the floor under strict guidance.

We always ask that ANYTIME you visit Zippity Doodles, you do NOT come if you have visited another breeder, shelter, dog park, pet store, vet or anywhere there are dogs who may not be properly vaccinated or could be sick within the last few days (so come before a Doodle romp, or a few days afterward). Please wear clean clothes and shoes so that you don't carry in potential disease. We have developed our policy with the health and safety of your puppy in mind.  We know it is hard to wait, especially for the kids, but we have based the policy on our experience and the experiences and practices of other reputable breeders. Hopefully, you will understand. Even better, you'll agree!!


A lot goes into our breeding program ~ Here are just a few things that set us apart!

We are members of the Goldendoodle Association of North America. Membership is limited to breeders that provide proof of health clearances achieved on all their breeding dogs, and who have agreed to a code of ethics regarding their breeding practices and care of their dogs. So we start right off working within an organization that provides a framework of the best practices for us to use as a guide.  Then we start with healthy, well adjusted breeding stock that has passed testing for the diseases required (at the minimum) to meet the Blue Ribbon health level of the Goldendoodle Association (list here). Often we have tested more than the requirement. Closely related dogs are not allowed to be bred (so that they will maintain better health by keeping the genetic diversity). We are looking out for Goldendoodles for the long term, and with a registry database and ideals, GANA helps us do that.

Our dogs do not live in kennels, they are beloved family pets that live in our home, or in Guardian homes (see here for more info) under our ownership. Providing our dogs with forever Guardian homes is an additional expense.

Our breeding dogs receive excellent vet care. Our breeding girls are monitored before breeding via hormonal testing to be sure that we are breeding at the correct time, and have a very accurate due date. By doing this, we help insure the breeding will be successful; and when it comes time to deliver, we have an accurate due date with which to monitor the development & birth of the puppies (and to know when it's time to intervene to save pups who may be in trouble during the birthing process). Both our males and females receive testing before each breeding for diseases that could be transmitted to puppies to further insure the pups will be as healthy as possible. Mom & pups receive post partum exams to ensure everyone is doing ok and to attend to any health needs. Additionally, the pups are properly wormed and vaccinated at the appropriate times.

As a breeder, we attend continuing education classes that will benefit, and help increase our knowledge regarding the very best in canine health, breeding practices, puppy development and dog training. Topics have included: Transformational Puppy Rearing, Epigenetics and why it affects dogs health & temperament, using puppy temperament to match puppies to owners, keeping a parasite free environment for your pups, eye health in Goldendoodles, using DNA testing, using science to avoid making the same health mistakes the purebreds have, and more.

◊ We take the extra step to implement the puppy socialization and developmental tools that allow our pups to be the best they can be. Just a few things we do:
Early Neurological stimulation for newborn puppies (aka Developing High Achievers)
Litter box training ~ This promotes quicker potty training
Introduction/socialization to many types of people, odd sounds, different hats and clothes, walking surfaces as possible before they are adopted
Stimulating developmental experiences like Early car rides, Woods walks, Bottle pools, Adventure Boxes and an ever changing environmental experience
Exposure to novel scents during the smell development phase
Exposure to different proteins (believed to help avoid food allergies)

Since the Studs for these litters are necessarily smaller than the Dam, higher veterinary expenses are incurred to breed the two by artificial insemination. Studs for medium sized litters are generally a small Standard Poodle (not a mini), and studs for miniature sized litters are generally miniature poodles in the F1 generations. 

A Parti colored poodle or Goldendoodle is generally considered to be one with at least 50% white coat and a second color.
An Abstract has less than 50% white, that is, another color is the dominant color. 
A Tuxedo has markings that simulate a tuxedo ...usually they have a white bib on the chest, a white belly, and white front/hind legs and paws and a darker color on the rest of the body. "Chrome" markings refer to fancy white markings that "dress up" a darker coat, like white feet, blazes, stars, or muzzles. 

HOW DOES YOUR PUPPY SELECTION PROCESS WORK?  In reviewing your application, and in our emails and conversations with you, we gather information to help us guide you in determining which pups will be a good match for your family, or rule out a pup that might not be the one best suited for your situation.  We observe the pups closely from birth, and make mental notes about each one.  We also record important observations that might get forgotten otherwise.  The types of things we notice include: the pups eating habits, how they sleep (alone, in a group, etc.), how brave or cautious they are, their activity level, and lots more.  Often we administer a temperament test that sometimes gives us additional insight into their personality, and their aptitude (i.e.: do they have the retrieving instinct? ...which is usually yes). 

We use all this information to guide you in your selection of the pup most suited to your family. Your opportunity to determine which pup you will adopt will occur in the order of where you fall on the committed list (the committed list consists of the families who have submitted their application, paid the application fee, & applications have been approved). We begin the selection appointments (in waitlist order as much as possible) when the pup's are about 5-6 weeks old.  When it is your turn you will have an appointment time to visit in person, by phone, or email to discuss the qualities of the puppies that are available.  Sometimes we are not able to set up appointments in the exact list order. In that situation we may ask you to come and make a 1st & 2nd pick, and then let you know which pup is yours after the person on the list ahead of you makes their choice. We find that more often than not, you end up with your first choice when that happens!  In that situation we would also keep your selection choices confidential. Note: if you cannot make your selection appointment during the times we offer, you are able to choose over the phone/internet or you can let the family after you move ahead.

When we are identifying the pup's temperament and needs, our experience has been that we find all Goldendoodle pups to be VERY similar.  And because the puppies are so similar in temperament, typically most, if not all of the pups in a given litter will make a great companion for any family.  Generally, the pups that are chosen first tend to be the curliest or straightest; lightest or darkest; and/or the most outgoing or more reserved.  That generally leaves the folks at the end of the list with the puppies that are most alike, both in temperament and appearance.  The last ones chosen also tend to be smack dab in the middle of perfect for temperament for most situations, and with a wavy coat.  I think this happens because the litter is so much alike it is often hard to choose a pup, so the ones that are a little "different" stand out.  The good news is that the last pups to be chosen tend to be as good a choice as the first.

One of the things that make Goldendoodles such a great companion dog is the temperament they are born with due to the parent breed traits. But studies show that much more important than puppy temperament as determined at a young age is the socialization, education and environment that the owner should provide.  We feel it's very important to give them a loving, stimulating, and well socialized beginning.  But really, you hold the key to how your pup turns out.  That is why we try very hard to match our pups to a home where they will be a good fit, and to provide you with support and resources as you shape the future of your life together.

WHAT NUMBER WILL WE BE ON THE WAITLIST? HOW LONG WOULD WE HAVE TO WAIT TO GET FIRST PICK OF THE LITTER?  There are a lot of factors involved. Often Zippity Doodles, the stud owner, or another breeder may have first choices of any breeding prospect puppies. Additionally, we have families who may have been waiting from previous litters due to timing or selection. Until we have bred the Parents we don't have details about the litter; like size, generation, color and timing, which as you know is important when adopting a new family member. Once we have that information we contact the existing priority waitlist (those with applications submitted and approved, and application fee submitted) to find out if they want to be on a specific litter list. Once we hear back from our priority waitlist, we know what number each family will be and if there are any open spots. Our priority waitlist wait time can often be over a year. See Also "How Does Your Puppy Selection Process Work" above!

WHAT IS GANA? WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?  GANA, the Goldendoodle Association of North America, was created to promote and guide the development of the Goldendoodle to achieve breed standards while maintaining optimal health, and providing mentorship and educational opportunities for it's member breeders. Membership is limited to breeders that provide proof of health clearances achieved on all their breeding dogs, and who have agreed to a code of ethics regarding their breeding practices and care of their dogs. They are the first and only breed club established for the Goldendoodle, and maintain a registry database to document lineage for future generations of Goldendoodles. GANA's code of ethics, and the very high testing standards set GANA registered Goldendoodles apart; but the ultimate goal is to protect the health of the Goldendoodle breed.


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